Thousands get vaccinated at NWU outreach sites

The Covid-19 vaccination drive in South Africa received a boost with thousands of members of the public, including North-West University (NWU) staff members, their spouses and life-partners, getting their vaccinations during the past weekend (16 to 18 July).

Similar drives are expected in the near future and as soon as details regarding these are available, it will be communicated.

Don’t miss the NWU’s National Science Week activities

The North-West University (NWU), in conjunction with South African Agency for Science and Technology Advancement (SAASTA), will host various National Science Week activities from 1 to 6 August 2021.

National Science Week (NSW), an initiative of the Department of Science and Technology, is an annual countrywide celebration of science,…

Low borrowing costs are important for business and consumer confidence

The decision by the Monetary Policy Committee (MPC) to keep interest rates unchanged again was in line with market expectations and similar to its approach at its previous meeting in May 2021.

Prof Raymond Parsons, an economist from the Business School of the North-West…

Star athlete Chederick speaks from Tokyo  

One of the favourite sons of the North-West University (NWU), Chederick van Wyk, currently finds himself in Tokyo, Japan, in the company of a hand-picked group of South Africans who will fly the country’s flag at the Olympic Games. Van Wyk, who will take part in the 4 X 100 m relay, took some time after supper to…

NWU flexes its muscles as it awaits medical school approval

The North-West University (NWU) is pulling out all stops in its quest to finally secure governmental approval for a medical school.

One such display of the capabilities of its Faculty of Health Sciences was evident this past weekend when more than 3 000 staff and community members were vaccinated in the fight against the Covid…

Refugees in South Africa face challenges with processes and delays

Although welcomed by South Africa, refugees and asylum seekers encounter a number of obstacles when they want to exercise their rights with regard to international law, the South African Constitution and refugee law.

This is according to North-West University (NWU) academic in the…

NWU Eagles flying to Tokyo

The entire world will be watching, and what they are going to see is capital E for Eagles. The South African team will soon show their steel at the 2021 Olympic Games in Tokyo, Japan, with a flock of North-West University (NWU) Eagles who will embark on the flight of about 13 500 km together.

Making internships work

The South African economy is changing and with it, the level of experience and talent that is required. In the current competitive job market, recent graduates face a tough learning curve. This is why applied learning and internship opportunities are essential for students.

Top sports psychologist behind SA’s Olympic campaign

There is no greater athletics stage than the Olympic Games, and there are few sports events with such a colourful history.

For every glorious Game filled with dramatic, rich memories, there are also the Games that were accompanied by terrible heartache. London 2012 and Atlanta 1996…

NWU-Juta Mock Trial competition celebrates tenth anniversary with online trials

The popular annual NWU-Juta Mock Trial competition is celebrating its tenth anniversary. This year the competition will take place in an online format.

Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, the Juta Mock Trial competition did not take place in 2020 but is continuing this year in its mission to give law students the opportunity to gain…

Bridging the digital divide

With the global community having moved into the Fourth Industrial Revolution, Dr Kaizer Ndlovu from the North-West University (NWU) believes that there is a plethora of benefits that come with bridging the digital divide.

Dr Ndlovu currently teaches technology management in the NWU’s MBA programme, and says he is excited about…