Minja Gerber

Prof Minja Gerber is a full-time, NRF-rated (C2 - since 2019) researcher at Pharmacen™, NWU. She acts as Subprogramme leader: Drug Delivery; Chairperson of the Scientific Committee: Drug Delivery; Head: Cosmeceutical Research; Manager: Transdermal and Topical Drug Delivery Laboratories; Head: Pharmacen™ Skin Studies Services, and Internal facilitator: PG Dip (Cosmetic Product Formulation).

Lissinda du Plessis

I study the relationships between physiochemical properties of drugs, their formulations and the effects on pharmacokinetics and pharmacodynamics. I work interdisciplinary and integrate chemistry, molecular biology, biochemistry and molecular toxicology in my research. I am actively engaged in various areas of pharmaceutics including biochemical, cellular and whole-animal models, with a focus on infectious diseases and cancer.

Awie Kotzé

Awie F Kotzé, BPharm, MSc, PhD (NWU) is the Executive Dean of the Faculty of Health Sciences and a professor of Pharmaceutics at the NWU.  His research focuses on the optimisation of drug delivery, especially of protein and peptide drugs of antimalarial compounds with quaternised, chitosan polymers, and with the patented PheroidTM drug delivery system.  He has supervised several post-graduate students is the author/co-author of quite a few patents as well as numerous papers in peer-reviewed journals and book chapters.

Anél Petzer

Anél Petzer, BPharm, MSc, PhD (NWU) is an associate professor.  She is the subprogramme leader for Drug Discovery in the Centre of Excellence for Pharmaceutical Sciences at the NWU.  In 2015 she was selected as a TWAS affiliate. She is interested in the design of inhibitors and prodrugs for the delivery of centrally acting drugs to the brain. Her main focus is on enzymology especially MAO, COMT, AChE, BuChE and NOS. She has published numerous papers in peer-reviewed journals.

Jeanetta du Plessis

Jeanetta du Plessis, BPharm, MSc (Pharmaceutics), PhD, DTO (PU for CHE) is the director of the Centre of Excellence for Pharmaceutical Sciences and professor of Pharmaceutics at the NWU.  She is a pharmacist who is specialising in drug delivery, whilst her research focuses on topical and transdermal drug delivery.  She has supervised numerous post-graduate students.  She is the author/co-author of several patents, well over 100 papers in peer-reviewed journals and quite a few book chapters.  She serves on the scientific editorial boards of numerous scientific journ

Douglas Oliver

Douglas William Oliver, (South African citizen) was born on 29th March 1954 (one of an identical twin) in Johannesburg, South Africa. He enrolled as a pharmacy student at the North-West University (former Potchefstroom University for CHE) in 1973 after his matric (Randburgse Hoërskool, 1971) and military training in Oudsthoorn (1972). He is pharmacist registered with the South Africa Pharmacy Council and has served in more than 50 pharmacies in South Africa and Namibia.

Jan du Preez

Jan du Preez, PhD (PU for CHE) is laboratory manager of the Analytical Technology Laboratory in the Centre of Excellence for Pharmaceutical Sciences and professor in Pharmaceutics at the NWU.  As an expert in analytical chemistry, one of his main functions is the development and validation of analytical methods for researchers and graduate students.  He has supervised numerous post-graduate students and is the author/co-author of a patent as well as several papers in peer-reviewed international journals.

Lesetja Jan Legoabe

Lesetja J Legoabe is Senior Lecturer at Pharmacen (Centre of Excellence for Pharmaceutical Sciences) of the Faculty of Health Science at the North-West University, Potchefstroom campus. His research involves chemical synthesis, enzyme inhibition and drug design for central nervous system diseases such as Parkinsonism’s disease.

Anne Frederica Grobler

Anne Grobler is a South African citizen with a Ph.D. in Pharmaceutics (North-West University, South Africa), an M.Sc. in Medical Biochemistry (Stellenbosch University, South Africa) and an Honours in Biochemistry (PU for CHE, South Africa).

Her research interests are the design, construction and optimization of delivery and transporter technologies for active pharmaceutical in conjunction with the preclinical and clinical evaluation of such technologies. This interest includes the delivery and transport of bio-agricultural molecules and compounds.

Martha Susanna Lubbe

Martha Susanna Lubbe was born in Springs as the youngest daughter of the late Peet and Betsie Griesel. She completes her school career in 1982 at High School Potchefstroom Gimnasium. Martie obtained her BPharm degree (Cum Laude) in 1986, an MPharm degree in Pharmacy Practice (1988), a Diploma in Tertiary Education (1996) and a PhD in Pharmacy Practice (2000) at the former PU for CHE. The title of her PhD thesis is "Managed pharmaceutical care: A South African approach". She married Willie in 1995 and they have a daughter, Leonore, and a son, Dewald.