Faculty of Humanities

Gerhard B van Huyssteen

Gerhard van Huyssteen (51) is a professor of Afrikaans linguistics and computer linguistics at the North-West University. His research focuses mostly on construction grammar (specifically Afrikaans morphology, and swearing in Afrikaans), with application in language standardization, and the development of human language technology (HLT) resources and applications for (mainly) Afrikaans. He served on the Language Commission of the South African Academy for Science and the Arts from 2005-2021, and was elected chair from 2013-2021.

Ilse de Korte

Dr Ilse de Korte is a senior lecturer in literature and head of the section Afrikaans and Dutch at Northwest University (Vanderbijlpark campus). Ilse started her career at the University of Cape Town and in 1999 she received the Stichting Studiefonds voor Zuid Afrikaanse Studenten Studiebeurs to conduct research for her MA-thesis at Leiden University. In 2000 she returned from the Netherlands to enrol for a PhD.

Dr Janien Linde

Dr. Janien Linde is a senior lecturer in Afrikaans and Dutch Literature at the Potchefstroom campus of the North-West University. She was appointed in January of 2015. She held a similar position at the University of Johannesburg during 2012 and 2013. She completed BA and BA Honours degrees Masters in Afrikaans and Dutch literature. She obtained a Master’s Degree (Cum Laude) in Afrikaans and Dutch Literature form the North-West University with a dissertation on cognitive narratology, friendship and eudaimonia in Die sneeuslaper (The snowsleeper) by Marlene van Niekerk.

Cara Stacey

Cara Stacey is a South African musician, composer and musicologist. She is a pianist and plays southern African musical bows (umrhubhe, uhadi, makhoyane). She holds a doctorate in African music, specifically looking at composition and innovation in the music of the makhoyane musical bow from eSwatini (University of Cape Town/SOAS).

Mirna Nel

Prof Mirna Nel is deputy dean for research in the Faculty of Humanities, North-West University (NWU), South Africa and a researcher in the Optentia Research Focus Area.

Sebastiaan Rothmann

Prof. Ian Rothmann’s research interest is the assessment and development of human potential and flourishing in institutions within multicultural contexts. After completing his PhD, he focused on burnout, stress, coping and suicide within multicultural organisational contexts.

Nina Brink

Nina Brink is a lecturer in Afrikaans linguistics at the North-West University's Potchefstroom Campus. She achieved a BA in Communication Studies, and BA Hons and MA in Afrikaans and Dutch (Linguistics) at the North-West University. Her specific research focus is on Afrikaans children's language acquisition and development. This is an underexplored theme in the field of Afrikaans linguistics. Nina works within the framework of functional/usage-based and cognitive linguistics and is also on the research team of a collaborative research project, the Child Language Development Node.

Natasha Ravyse

Natasha Ravyse is a Senior Lecturer at the North-West University’s Vanderbijlpark Campus, at the Faculty of Law, with a background including a B.ed (Senior Phase and FET); an Honours in Literature; and an MA in English (receiving the Vice Chancellor’s Award in 2014 for the best MA dissertation). She completed her PhD in Linguistics and Literary Theory in 2018, which focused on reconsidering traditional theories of ethnolinguistic vitality, from a sub-cultural, sociolinguistic perspective.