Natasha Ravyse

Senior Lecturer
Dr Natasha Ravyse

Natasha Ravyse is a Senior Lecturer at the North-West University’s Vanderbijlpark Campus, at the Faculty of Law, with a background including a B.ed (Senior Phase and FET); an Honours in Literature; and an MA in English (receiving the Vice Chancellor’s Award in 2014 for the best MA dissertation). She completed her PhD in Linguistics and Literary Theory in 2018, which focused on reconsidering traditional theories of ethnolinguistic vitality, from a sub-cultural, sociolinguistic perspective. She has since published her research monograph based on her PhD thesis, and has published academic articles in accredited, peer-reviewed, national and international journals. Her findings have also been presented at a number of national and international conferences. Besides her focus on sub-cultural languages and understanding their role and function in society by applying and reconceptualising traditional mainstream language theories, her research interest extends beyond sociolinguistics to language policy and language rights. Her most recent work involves sociolinguistic investigations regarding language vitality (and revitalisation), maintenance, and shift of indigenous South African languages and variations.

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Vanderbijlpark Campus, Building A16, Ground floor, Office G01

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