Natasha Ravyse

Senior Lecturer
Dr Natasha Ravyse

My research career started in 2012 when I completed my honours degree in literature and        published an article concerned with the immersive and repulsive effects in A Clockwork Orange, part of which involved my first encounter with fictional sub-cultural language entitled ‘Nadsat: The oscillation between reader immersion and repulsion’ .  I focus on sub-cultural languages and understanding their role and function in society by applying and reconceptualising traditional mainstream language theories. In 2014, I received my MA in English, for which I was awarded the Vice Chancellor’s Medal for the best MA dissertation at the NWU in 2014 for my work on Fanagalo as a sub-cultural language.  In 2018, I graduated with my PhD in Linguistics and Literary Theory and have since published and presented at international conferences on my work in sub-cultural linguistic vitality theory.

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Vanderbijlpark Campus, Building 7, 2nd floor, office 213 

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