Nina Brink

Ms Nina Brink

Nina Brink is a lecturer in Afrikaans linguistics at the North-West University's Potchefstroom Campus. She achieved a BA in Communication Studies, and BA Hons and MA in Afrikaans and Dutch (Linguistics) at the North-West University. Her specific research focus is on Afrikaans children's language acquisition and development. This is an underexplored theme in the field of Afrikaans linguistics. Nina works within the framework of functional/usage-based and cognitive linguistics and is also on the research team of a collaborative research project, the Child Language Development Node. The main function of the Child Language Development Node is to promote research on child language development in all South African languages and the digitisation of child language development data.


Physical Address

Potchefstroom campus, building E9, office 238

Telephone Number
018 299 1486