Lissinda du Plessis

I study the relationships between physiochemical properties of drugs, their formulations and the effects on pharmacokinetics and pharmacodynamics. I work interdisciplinary and integrate chemistry, molecular biology, biochemistry and molecular toxicology in my research. I am actively engaged in various areas of pharmaceutics including biochemical, cellular and whole-animal models, with a focus on infectious diseases and cancer.

Chrisna Gouws

I obtained a PhD degree in Biochemistry from the North-West University with a thesis titled “Tyrosinemia type I as a model for studying epigenetic events in the aetiology of metabolic disease associated hepatocarcinoma” in 2012. After completion of my PhD, I commenced with a postdoctoral fellowship in the field of Pharmaceutics in the Unit for Drug Research and Development, now the Centre of Excellence for Pharmaceutical Sciences (Pharmacen™).

Wilna Liebenberg

Wilna Liebenberg, BPharm, MSc, DSc (NWU) is a research professor in the Centre of Excellence for Pharmaceutical Sciences at the NWU.  She is the founder and head of the Solid-state Pharmaceutical Innovation and Nanotechnology (SPIN) research group.  Her research focuses on pharmaceutical solid-state chemistry, polymorphism and poorly soluble drugs.

Lesetja Jan Legoabe

Lesetja J Legoabe is Senior Lecturer at Pharmacen (Centre of Excellence for Pharmaceutical Sciences) of the Faculty of Health Science at the North-West University, Potchefstroom campus. His research involves chemical synthesis, enzyme inhibition and drug design for central nervous system diseases such as Parkinsonism’s disease.

Sias Hamman

Sias Hamman, BPharm, MSc, PhD (NWU) is a research professor in the Unit for Drug Research and Development at the NWU. His research focuses on functional excipients from natural origin to optimise drug delivery.

Sandra van Dyk

I, Sandra van Dyk obtained my BPharm, MSc and PhD degrees from the North-West University (previously the Potchefstroomse Universiteit vir Christelike Hoër Onderwys) and I am currently employed as the Director of the School of Pharmacy Faculty of Health Sciences as an Associate Professor