Wilna Liebenberg

Research Professor
Prof Wilna Liebenberg

Wilna Liebenberg, BPharm, MSc, DSc (NWU) is a research professor in the Centre of Excellence for Pharmaceutical Sciences at the NWU.  She is the founder and head of the Solid-state Pharmaceutical Innovation and Nanotechnology (SPIN) research group.  Her research focuses on pharmaceutical solid-state chemistry, polymorphism and poorly soluble drugs. To date (2016), she has supervised 59 post-graduate students.  Prof Liebenberg is the inventor/co-inventor of several patents, the author/co-author of three book chapters and 71 papers in international, peer-reviewed journals.


Wilna Liebenberg, BPharm, MSc, DSc (NWU) is ‘n navorsingsprofessor in die Sentrum van Uitnemendheid vir Farmaseutiese Wetenskappe by die NWU.  Sy is die stigter en hoof van die Solid-state Pharmaceutical Innovation and Nanotechnology (SPIN) navorsingsgroep.  Haar navorsing fokus op farmaseutiese vaste-toestand chemie, polimorfisme en swak water oplosbare geneesmiddels. Tot op datum (2016) het sy studieleiding aan 59 nagraadse studente gelewer.  Prof Liebenberg is die uitvinder/mede-uitvinder van ‘n verskeie patente, die outeur/mede-outeur van drie hoofstukke asook outeur/mede-outeur van 71 navorsingsartikels wat in eweknie geëvalueerde wetenskaplike joernale verskyn het.

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