Jacques de Jong

Jacques de Jongh is a development economist and holds a PhD in Economics. He is a senior lecturer in the School of Economic Sciences at the Vanderbijlpark campus where he lectures at both postgraduate and undergraduate levels. His teaching experience has extended across numerous fields including microeconomics, macroeconomics, fiscal and monetary policy, as well as research methodology in economics.

Tafadzwa Matiza

I am one of the first African researchers to explore Nation Branding (NB) in tourism. Nation branding [also referred to as place branding] is a niche multi-disciplinary field of study within conventional marketing management. It involves the evaluation and management, thereafter of the image, perception and positioning [awareness and reputation] of a country/place in the minds of multiple stakeholders, including tourists.

Sune Ferreira-Schenk

I believe that as researchers we are positioned to provide practitioners with enhanced tools to overcome any challenges currently faced in these industries. My research focuses on how theory can be used in practice and help practitioners in the financial sector to understand the behaviour of financial market participants and their risk profiles. With this research and my researcher partners have been collaborating with a private investment firm in South Africa to help perfect their investment client profile.

Precious Mncayi

I am a distinguished young female academic with a passion for quantitative analysis of socio-economic issues. I am energetic, persistent, self-motivated, dynamic and hard working. I have more than six years’ experience in the teaching of several modules at both undergraduate and postgraduate level including Introductory macro- and microeconomics, Monetary Economics at third-year level and Monetary and Fiscal Policy at honours level.

Carli Bezuidenhout

Carli Bezuidenhout is a senior lecturer in the School of Economics at the North-West University (Potchefstroom Campus). She lectures undergraduate courses in the degrees BCom Economics as well as BCom International Trade. She has also gained some years of practical experience in economic consulting before joining the University.


Diteboho Xaba

I have published more 15 articles in the areas of optimization and financial econometrics. Furthermore, most of the students are have co-supervise (Masters Students) and supervise are conducting their studies in these two areas.  Currently, I am study my PhD in the very same area of financial econometrics using nonlinear models. 


Sonja Grater

Sonja Grater is an associate professor in the School of Economics at the North-West University (Potchefstroom Campus). She lectures undergraduate and postgraduate courses in the field of international trade, and also gained practical experience in the freight forwarding industry before joining the University.