Welma Lubbe

Welma Lubbe is an associate professor at the North-West University, School of Nursing Science as part of the midwifery team and responsible for neonatal training. Prof Lubbe published over 38 peer-reviewed articles, presented 40 national and 19 international conference posters and papers and a number of professional and parenting articles. She is an invited television and radio guest, author and guest speaker at various public parenting forums, including well known parenting magazines, such as Baba en Kleuter and Your Pregnancy.

Minrie Greeff

Minrie Greeff is Head of the Ethics Office of the Faculty of Health Sciences at the NWU since 2015 managing both human and animal research. She is Professor in research in the Africa Unit for Trans-disciplinary Health Research in the same Faculty. She has specialised in Psychiatric Nursing. Her focus has since shifted to transdisciplinary health research and health research ethics. She qualified as a research ethicist in 2014 and was appointed in 2017 as member of the National Health Research Ethics Council.