Transdisciplinary Health Research

Dr Xander Flemming

Dr Xander Flemming is a lecturer and researcher at the Africa Unit for Transdisciplinary Health Research (AUTHeR). After obtaining a master’s degree in counselling psychology, he gained over 12 years of experience in community settings. He managed and implemented mental health and psycho-social well-being programs and sexual health and HIV/STI prevention programs for marginalised groups in resource-limited settings in South Africa. He has worked at a national level and across various sectors, including public health, health promotion, the NGO/CBO sector and corporate social investment.

Petra Bester

Petra Bester has extensive work experience in the public and private health sectors of South Africa, including managed healthcare from both the hospital and administrator’s perspective. After a clinical masters’ degree in Community Psychiatric Nursing and a PhD in Nursing, Petra Bester returned to the higher education context since 2010. Although a dedicated researcher and lecturer, Petra occupied managerial positions since 2013.

Lanthé (IM) Kruger

Lanthé Kruger obtained her B.Sc. degree in September 2003 at the former Potchefstroom University for Christian Higher Education (PU for CHE), where after she started with her post-graduate studies with special focus on cardiovascular physiology. During this time, Lanthé was also appointed as a temporary lecturer (2006-2008) as well as research assistant (2005-2008) within the Cardiovascular Physiology research group. During this time, she gained insight and experience into both worlds of academia as well as research.

Marié P. Wissing

Marié Wissing’s research is mainly conducted in two projects (FORT3 & EHHI) with the integrative focus on the clarification of the nature and facets of psychosocial well-being, validation of well-being measures in various contexts, exploration of similarities and differences across socio-demographic, cultural and international contexts, and reflection on theories and underlying philosophical assumptions and now specializing in research on meaning, goals and relatedness in local and international projects.