Petra Bester

Associate Professor
Prof Petra Bester

Petra Bester has extensive work experience in the public and private health sectors of South Africa, including managed healthcare from both the hospital and administrator’s perspective. After a clinical masters’ degree in Community Psychiatric Nursing and a PhD in Nursing, Petra Bester returned to the higher education context since 2010. Although a dedicated researcher and lecturer, Petra occupied managerial positions since 2013. From a senior lecturer, Petra became the academic manager for Health Sciences at the Unit for Open Distance Learning and therefore is experienced in the realities of distance education in sub-Sahara Africa. For the past eight years Petra Bester supported health system strengthening initiatives with a specific focus in health service management, health information systems, leadership and governance and health promotion. To date Petra supervised over 40 postgraduate students from various disciplines with a focus in health. She is the primary investigator of a community-university grant of the National Research Foundation and a member of Academy of Nursing South Africa (ANSA). Petra Bester co-developed the Social Greenhouse® (sustainable community development process) with Dr Christi Niesing and is an advocate for social justice and transdisciplinarity in community-integrated research. Petra has a keen interest in qualitative research methodologies. Petra is at present the director at AUTHeR.


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