Marthie van der Walt

My post-doctoral endeavours (since 2008) took me on a journey to become an established (NRF C2-rated) researcher within the metacognition research community in mathematics education. Based on my intellectual property stemming from my Master's and doctoral studies, I could give scholarly leadership to enhance metacognition in mathematics education.

Sanne ter Horst

Prof. Sanne ter Horst is a professor in Mathematics who works on metric constrained interpolation and extrapolation problems. These kinds of problems originate in complex analysis, where they have been studied since the early 20th century, but are currently viewed more as part of functional analysis and operator theory.

Jamshid Moori

I have produced more than 150 original papers and conference articles during the period 1975--2014. During this period I also supervised various honours projects and produced 23 post graduate students (6 PGDiploma, 9 MSc and 8 PhD). Currently I am supervising 3 PhD, and 2 post-doctoral students.