Occupational Hygiene

Anja Franken

Prof Anja Franken obtained her PhD in Occupational Hygiene degree from the North-West University Potchefstroom Campus in 2015. She is an Associate Professor at the School of Physiology, Nutrition and Consumer Sciences at the North-West University Potchefstroom Campus where she lectures both undergraduate and postgraduate Occupational Hygiene modules. She has more than 10 years of experience in lecturing at the North-West University.

Johan L du Plessis

He holds BSc (Biological Sciences), BSc Hons (Physiology), MSc (Physiology) and PhD (Occupational Hygiene) degrees. He is currently appointed as Director of the Occupational Hygiene and Health Research Initiative (OHHRI) at the NWU.  His teaching and learning experience includes 21 years of teaching Physiology/Occupational hygiene to undergraduate students, and 14 years to postgraduate students. He has supervised more than 40 post-graduate students (Hons, MSc and PhD) who completed their studies in Physiology, but primarily in Occupational hygiene.