Venture leads to turnkey solutions to everyday problems

The Faculty of Engineering at the North-West University (NWU) prides itself on its cutting-edge innovations and research. One of the faculty’s internal corporate ventures called STRIDE is unique in that it is able to timeously produce business-ready solutions for everyday challenges.

STRIDE, which was founded in 2022, recently rebranded itself and was launched at the Faculty of Engineering on the Potchefstroom Campus on 11 June.

JP van Deventer, project manager, says the venture forms part of the NWU’s strategy to foster innovation and create third-stream income. “We are committed to chasing change and effectively addressing clients’ needs and ensuring customer satisfaction with after-sales support and service.”

Exciting products showcase STRIDE’s innovations

JP says they currently have three exciting products. The first is a mobile ozone generator used in mining trucks to sanitise trucks’ cabins periodically, and the second is a fixed-in-place ozone generator, designed for larger spaces such as lecture halls, classrooms and computer labs.

“We are also very excited about our third product, the MuscleMemory device,” says JP. This device holds promise for individuals who have to undergo physical therapy, biokineticists, fitness enthusiasts and movement sciences researchers. JP explains that the device evaluates users’ exercise form and is capable of identifying important parameters such as overloading, injury and inefficient exercise.

According to JP, STRIDE sold nearly 1 000 units of ozone generators in its first year and has already sold units of the MuscleMemory device, although it is currently still in its beta testing phase to obtain market feedback before its release.

“Our special focus is on the different customers who may use the device, and three tiers of the device will be launched by the end of the year if all goes according to plan.” For more information, please contact JP at


JP van Deventer, project manager, Prof Liezl van Dyk, executive dean, Prof Raj Siriram, acting director for Business Development and Stakeholder Engagement for the Faculty of Engineering, and FR Bezuidenhout, senior key account manager at Business Development and Stakeholder Engagement for the Faculty of Engineering, were present during the launch of STRIDE.

fixed ozone generator

The fixed-in-place ozone generator is a remotely operable sanitation solution.

muscle memory

MuscleMemory is especially beneficial to anyone who exercises.


Submitted on Mon, 06/24/2024 - 14:46