Sustainable development

Juaneé Cilliers

Prof Juaneé Cilliers is currently the Head of the Urban and Regional Planning group at the North-West University, as well as programme leader of research program 7 (in the Unit for Environmental Sciences and Management) for Sustainable Development, Planning and Implementation. She holds a MSc and PhD in Urban and Regional Planning, as well as a MCom in Economics. She is a professional registered Urban Planner at the South African Council for Planners and rated researcher at the South African National Research Foundation.

Christi Niesing

Dr Christi Niesing started her career at the NWU in 2008 with the appointment as project manager of the Holding Hands income-generating community project. In the time 2008-2016 she developed 4 new sub-projects with a sustainable development outcome in the larger North-West Province. Under her management the project received funding from various corporate funders to develop the projects. She received recognition for her contribution towards excellence in community engagement from various institutions.