Tlhalitshi Volition Montshiwa

Tlhalitshi Volition Monsthiwa holds a PhD in Statistics. He has published papers on missing data imputation, efficiency of count data models, and on questionnaire development and evaluation. Dr Montshiwa is supervising both Masters and PhD students and his area of interest is on multivariate techniques with application to teaching and learning practices. He has contributed to two international conferences: ICESS 2017 and ICEBSS 2018. Dr Montshiwas is a recipient of the NWU Emerging Teaching Excellence Award (ETEA) for the year 2017-2018.

Bokang Ncube

I am currently employed on a temporary basis by the North-West University teaching undergraduate (first year) and post graduate (honours) modules: Introductory Statistics and Multivariate Analysis. Among other tasks, I am currently supervising two honours and one Masters students. I have interest in interdisciplinary research, especially using Multivariate Techniques. I hold a Masters of Commerce in Statistics and currently in my second year of my PhD studies in Statistics. I am conversant with the SAS software package and STATA.


Suria Ellis

Suria Ellis was appointed as Statistical Consultant  in 2002 after she obtained her PhD in Statistics.

Since then she had helped many researchers of various universities with data analyses and interpretation of their results.  She is co-author of more than 100 articles in accredited journals.