Tlhalitshi Volition Montshiwa

Tlhalitshi Volition
Senior Lecturer
Dr Tlhalitshi Montshiwa

Tlhalitshi Volition Monsthiwa holds a PhD in Statistics. He has published papers on missing data imputation, efficiency of count data models, and on questionnaire development and evaluation. Dr Montshiwa is supervising both Masters and PhD students and his area of interest is on multivariate techniques with application to teaching and learning practices. He has contributed to two international conferences: ICESS 2017 and ICEBSS 2018. Dr Montshiwas is a recipient of the NWU Emerging Teaching Excellence Award (ETEA) for the year 2017-2018. He is currently a Senior Lecturer in Statistics, a programme leader for the Department of Statistics & Operations Research, a Senate member and a member of the NWU Institutional Forum.


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General Academic Building, A-Block, Room 109, Mahikeng

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