Subject Specialist

Marie Preston

Research in the field of Teaching and Learning:

My research career started in 2012 when I conducted research in collaboration with Mrs Veruschka Perlser-Carstens and Mr Andre Swart (both from the School of Accounting Sciences), on student performance in subjects such as Commercial Law, Auditing and Taxation. We presented a research paper at the 2012 Conference of the South African Accounting Association in this regard.

Fazel Ebrihiam Freeks

Dr FE Freeks was appointed as a Subject Specialist in 2008 and promoted to a Senior Scientific Officer in 2012. He is currently presenting the LIFEPLAN® programme in the Faculty of Health Sciences under the research unit AUTHeR. He has presented the programme to approximately 850 different people such as, amongst others, various communities, institutions, schools, farms, NGOs (FAMSA), organisations (Vaalharts Water), etc.