Professor Marius Smit embarks on new horizons

On 17 August, Professor Marius Smit from the Faculty of Education delivered his inaugural lecture, titled The symphony of seeds and harvest – harmonising the law, policy, and interventions to cultivate quality education.

In his lecture Prof Smit said that the harmonisation and proper robust application of the law, good policies and interventions can orchestrate an education system that will improve the quality of education in the country.

He illustrated this by highlighting the following points:

· The background of the effect of the law, policies and interventions on the education system

· Components of quality education

· Reasons for the poor state of education in South Africa

· Recommendations for improving education in South Africa

Prof Smit reiterated that education should be designated an act of service, and universities should make the effort to properly prepare student teachers using the best pedagogical approaches.

According to Prof Smit's research findings, during the previous two decades, the teacher's union, SADTU, has stifled the advancement of the education system through its actions and policies.

Furthermore, he remarked that, because of inadequate school leadership, our country's education system has become stagnant, with little development. He also stated that in many dysfunctional schools teachers are not teaching properly and that those teachers should be held accountable.

He demonstrated that the quality of the education system can be improved by making education available through good facilities and qualified teachers, accessible by removing financial and linguistic barriers, adaptable by adapting to a new curriculum, and acceptable by improving teacher quality.

Prof Smit believes that a strong inspectorate system should be reintroduced to oversee teacher performance and improve the quality of education in our country.

Prof Erika Serfontein, acting school director of the School of Professional Studies in Education (SPSE), said: “We are thrilled to organise this event tonight to recognise Prof Marius Smit's advancement to full professorship. It requires hard work and determination to meet the strict requirements established for such a promotion. Congratulations on achieving success.”

In response, Prof Lloyd Conley, executive dean of the Faculty of Education, had the honour of officially draping Prof Smit in his academic regalia and reading his biography.

Prof Izak Oosthuizen, retired professor of Education Law, complimented Prof Smit on his excellent research presentation. He further pointed out that Prof Smit had opened a can of ideas for scholarly discussions.

Professor Daryl Balia, deputy vice-chancellor for campus operations on the Potchefstroom Campus, presented Prof Smit with a certificate and offered a word of congratulations.

“We thank you for making us aware of these challenges and the revolutionary situation that exists within our country. We celebrate this inaugural lecture with you and honour your contribution as a testimony that universities can and should play a role in transforming our educational landscape. Congratulations to you, Prof Marius, on this milestone achievement in your life journey. We look forward to innovative ideas, research and greater contributions to the Faculty of Education and the North-West University,” said Prof Balia.

Mr Reuben Smit, Prof Smit's son, expressed his admiration for his father and thanked everyone in attendance.


Professor Marius Smit

Submitted on Thu, 08/31/2023 - 09:32