Paint, debate and worship create a memorable event

Sip-and-paint events are more than just a trendy activity – they are a delightful combination of creativity, relaxation and social interaction, offering a space where people can express themselves artistically, connect with others and unwind.

The North-West University's (NWU’s) Faculty of Theology and the King of Glory Youth Ministries (KGMY) held a sip, paint and worship event on 25 May as part of their joint youth community development project, “Young minds for Christ”.

The project aims to empower the youth as responsible members of the community and society and the future leaders of tomorrow.

The event drew 136 enthusiastic attendees, all eager to engage in meaningful conversations and activities, and kicked off with a panel discussion on the pressing issues young people encounter and strategies to overcome them.

The discussion delved into life skills and healthy relationships that align with spiritual values. Topics included setting boundaries and fostering relationships that are pleasing to God.

During a question-and-answer session, participants had the opportunity to ask the panellists questions about their personal experiences and challenges.

The moderator was Letlhogonolo Letimela from the KGMY Leadership committee and the panel consisted of Neo Phiri, a minister and musician, Mosa Majola, also a minister and musician, three Faculty of Theology members, namely Dineo Seleke, Prof Vhumani Magazi and Dr Hannelie Yates, Zethu Ndaba, a member of the Theology Student Academic Chapter (SAC), Gift Mlambo, KGMY leader, and Mr and Mrs Koka, a young couple.

Following the discussion, attendees participated in a dynamic paint session, where everyone wore white T-shirts and was encouraged to get paint on others while avoiding getting paint on themselves. This playful activity symbolised the shared challenges young people face and underscored the importance of mutual support, regardless of race, background or denomination. The session concluded with participants holding hands and praying for one another, emphasising unity and solidarity.

The event ended in a powerful worship session led by Dineo and ministers Phiri and Majola, accompanied by the KMGY choir. The music and worship created an uplifting atmosphere, reinforcing the themes of faith and community.

Dineo, highlighting the success of the event, thanked the Faculty of Theology for its involvement and extended special thanks to Prof Magezi and Dr Yates, as well as the Theology SAC.

The event also benefited from the support of sponsors, including Amogelang Funeral Services, whose contributions made the day memorable and impactful.

In addition to the engaging activities and discussions, the Faculty of Theology generously donated Bibles for distribution to young attendees in need. This thoughtful gesture further enriched the spiritual impact of the event.

A joyful group picture capturing the essence of the Sip and Paint event.

Panel members from various fields provide diverse perspectives on topics discussed.

Attendees join together in a moment of unified prayer.

A variety of refreshing drinks were available at the sip and paint event.

Submitted on Wed, 07/10/2024 - 15:33