NWU presents a “Potchpourri” of great music

The North-West University’s annual Potchpourri concert series promises to be a delightful showcase of the many talents of the staff at the NWU’s School of Music and other South African musicians that will thrill enthusiasts of classical music.

The 2021 concert series starts on Tuesday, 30 March at 18:30 with an exciting virtual event that will spotlight a variety of items. Tickets for this event are R100 per person. They can be obtained at Quicket by visiting https://qkt.io/US6vin.

One of the highlights of the concert series is the live international jazz concert on 6 April. This concert takes place at the Conservatory Hall in Potchefstroom. It features South African bassist and composer Carlo Mombelli in concert. He shares the stage with musicians Marcus Wyatt on trumpet, Keenan Ahrends on guitar and Ayanda Sikande on drum. The concert starts at 18:30 and tickets are also available at R100 per person.

Another highlight is the Johannesburg Philharmonic Orchestra’s string quartet, which will present the Challenges of the Generations @ the Conserve on 20 April. This concert also starts at 18:30.

Due to Covid-19, 2020 was a quiet year on the Conservatory Hall stage. This is why the staff at the NWU’s School of Music decided to present an entertaining concert series with a more humoristic nature this year. The series includes Gardel’s Tango by Trio Joie de Vivre on 4 May, Jazzicals by Recthman by the Potch Trio on 23 May, the Rossini Cat Duet and an interesting approach to Liszt’s Hungarian Rhapsody promise.

For more information about the concerts, visit http://humanities.nwu.ac.za/music/concerts or contact the NWU’s Conservatory at the School of Music at 018 299 1692.



Submitted by BELINDA BANTHAM on Tue, 03/30/2021 - 10:47