Momentum Investments Aardklop 2023 celebrates its success

“The productions and fun of the past week in Potchefstroom are proof that Aardklop is back with a vengeance.”

These words of Prof Daryl Balia, chairperson of the Aardklop board and the deputy vice-chancellor for information technology and Potchefstroom Campus operations at the North-West University (NWU), are echoed by Alexa Strachan, chief executive officer of Momentum Investments Aardklop 2023 National Arts Festival, who says that the festival undoubtedly enriched the lives of attendees.

“I could not go anywhere without receiving compliments about the quality of the programme and the neatness of the festival grounds, among many other things.”

Members of the Aardklop board agree. “The enthusiastic reception audiences received and the support of new sponsors made it possible for Aardklop to make an essential contribution to the cultural economy and the livelihood of artists. It is highly appreciated,” says Dr Ismail Mahomed. Francois Strydom believes hard work and good planning contributed to the success of the festival. “We want to thank Alexa and her team for what they achieved – we value their commitment,” echoes Heinricha Hodgson.

Various media reports declared that this year’s festival exceeded expectations and offered something for everyone. The attendance numbers were great, and the theatres were packed with enthusiastic and positive audiences.

Attendees could choose between experiencing the offerings of an array of stalls, attending masterful theatre productions, listening to book discussions by some of South Africa’s best writers, debates by political leaders and journalists, admiring awe-inspiring exhibitions and art, and enjoying soothing or fun music.

“It was great to have Aardklop back in all its glory on the NWU’s grounds and facilities in Potchefstroom,” says Jean-Marc Stidworthy, head of Marketing and Student Recruitment at the NWU. “The significant role that the arts play in society must not be underestimated. The voyage of discovery of each production helps to transform and develop those who attend it. It is an honour for the NWU to host it on our grounds and we are grateful for the opportunities that it presented to our artists and students.”

This year also saw the launch of the NWU Newshounds project, which gave hardworking and innovative student journalists from the NWU the opportunity to hone their skills. The group of 15 students, under guidance of Journalism and Media Studies lecturer Coréne Marx, were responsible for creating exciting content for social media through their reporting. This included high-quality photos and informative articles.

Fränzo Friedrich, head of Marketing for Momentum Investments Aardklop, the festival’s sponsor, says it was a privilege to be able to contribute to the arts and play a part in the festival’s success.

The sponsors of the event have been involved in the festival for a long time. They include Momentum Investments, Media 24, the NWU’s Potchefstroom Campus, kykNET and the ATKV. Donors include AK21, NATi, Dagbreek Trust and the LW Hiemstra Trust. New partners include Heineken Beverages, Suzuki Auto South Africa and Eskort.

Submitted on Tue, 10/10/2023 - 13:07