A generous gesture - clothing donation drive benefits Potchefstroom communities

The Community and Stakeholder Engagement Office of the Student Campus Council (SCC) on the Potchefstroom Campus of the North-West University (NWU) recently hosted its annual Barefoot Day.

The purpose of this event is to donate clothing and shoes to various projects, schools, children’s homes and non-profit and non-governmental organisations.

Keeping up with tradition, students tackle their daily routines without shoes on Barefoot Day, and this year a clothing race and fashion show added even more fun

Leading up to the day, residences and student chapters collected clothing, weighed it and then distributed it to various projects. This year the SCC amassed a total of 16 966 kg, which does not include the blankets and curtains that people also donate as extras, but that are also needed in the community.

Mercy Tau, SCC community and stakeholder engagement officer, says they distributed clothing to their various projects and the various organisations that requested clothing. She adds that they do not limit their invitations for requests to Potchefstroom residents, but instead extend them to anyone in need.

"We do require a formal email or letter before we can give organisations the opportunity to collect the clothing," she adds.

House committee members of the residences and members of student academic chapters with community and stakeholder engagement as a portfolio then dropped off the clothing at the RAG farm at specific drop-off times, from where it could be collected.

Spreading warmth and compassion, Barefoot Day brightens the hearts of Potchefstroom communities.

Submitted on Thu, 09/28/2023 - 12:10