Generous donation from PPS adds a professional and aesthetic touch

The top floor of the G23 Building on the Potchefstroom Campus of the North-West University (NWU) hosts the subject group Pharmacology in the School of Pharmacy, and a research team of the Pharmacen centre of excellence.

Thanks to a generous donation from the Professional Provident Society (PPS), the entrance to the floor has been renovated with technology and art that complement and celebrate the neuro-psychopharmacological focus of expertise of the subject group Pharmacology. Scientific contributions and publications of staff and the excellent complement of energetic postgraduate students are also celebrated. The handover took place during a special function on 7 November 2023.

Representatives from PPS and staff from the subject group and the Department of Development and Fundraising of the NWU were among the attendees.

The reception area of Pharmacology is now equipped with a display screen and room cast, displaying the subject group’s publications and achievements, as well as several pieces of graphic wall art. The art explores the brain and neurons as theme and was installed to depict the subject group’s excellence as one of the oldest and foremost behavioural neuroscientific research groups.

In addition, the postgraduate laboratory was also revamped.

Dr Stephan Steyn, senior lecturer in the subject group, presented the welcome address, emphasising the significance of the venture.

“PPS is investing in the future of young professionals, and these enhancements will be beneficial to the undergraduate and postgraduate students. Now that these paintings are displayed on the subject group’s walls, our enthusiasm and motivation to keep doing what we adore have reached new heights.”

Prof Jan Steenekamp, newly appointed director of the School of Pharmacy from January 2024, expressed his gratitude to PPS for this initiative.

“We appreciate PPS's dedication and look forward to growing our relationship with them and strengthening our collaboration.”

It is commendable that NWU stakeholders are taking the initiative and collaborating to develop the future of young professionals.

Creating a pleasant and aesthetically beautiful environment is more than a mere nice-to-have when it truly inspires and creates a professional atmosphere to work in.

More about PPS

PPS is a mutual financial services company in South Africa that offers tailor-made insurance, investment and healthcare solutions exclusively for graduate professionals with an honours-equivalent or higher qualification from a public institution or certain listed private institutions.

They assist their members to secure their current and future financial position by providing peace of mind throughout their professional careers and during their retirement years.

At the back from the left are Prof Jan Steenekamp, Kirsten Dreyer, Kosie Dreyer (both are independent financial advisers), Leonard Haasbroek (PPS regional officer), and Pierre Coetzee (PPS manager for the graduate division). In front are Prof Linda Brandt and Marletta Augustyn (PPS regional officer).

Attendees at the special occasion taking a tour of the reconstructed third floor of the Pharmacy Building, G23.

A painting of a single neuron at the end of the corridor.

The renovated postgraduate laboratory.

An illustration depicting a frog's brain.

Submitted on Thu, 11/16/2023 - 09:01