Johan Potgieter

Professor of Psychology
Prof J Potgieter

I have specialized in the field of strengths-based psychology for a number of years. My research interest is in the facilitation of resilience, and in successful adaptation to / optimal performance within any context that poses challenges in terms of the maintenance of one’s psychological well-being. I am especially interested in the utilization of so-called nature-assisted, or adventure interventions in bringing about these positive changes through experiential learning. Nature is both utilized as a rich therapeutic context, and acknowledged as a co-therapist in bringing about positive change in the lives of participants / clients. Although this is effective in both individual and group settings, I am especially interested in the latter. I teach group therapy and –dynamics at the Master’s level, and have acquired some experience in using this therapeutic modality in my research and clinical work.   

Physical Address

Potchefstroom Campus, Building E8, Office # 123

Telephone Number
018 299 1731