Community engagement takes centre stage at annual GeeXpo event

Showing their commitment to community engagement, the North-West University’s (NWU’s) School of Computer Science and Information Systems recently organised the annual GeeXpo event. 

GeeXpo is a technology and innovation exhibition that showcases cutting-edge research, products and services from various industries, including information technology, robotics, engineering and science.

This collaborative effort included partners such as the School of Mathematical and Statistical Sciences and the Centre for Business Mathematics and Informatics, both integral parts of the Faculty of Natural and Agricultural Sciences. 

The event drew entrepreneurs, researchers, learners from various high schools, and anyone who is curious about the latest developments in the fields of mathematics, statistics, science and technology.

The event took place on 14 October at the Student Centre and other designated venues on the NWU’s Vanderbijlpark Campus.

At the heart of GeeXpo was the Grade 10 to 12 Practical Assignment Task (PAT) competition, where learners showcased their PAT projects and competed for prizes. This was also an opportunity for young and aspiring programmers to demonstrate their skills and creativity and receive recognition for their hard work.

The event also featured a Mathematics Olympiad, sponsored by ABSA. This prestigious and challenging competition focuses on testing the mathematical problem-solving skills of learners. It also aims to stimulate and promote interest in mathematics, encourage critical thinking, and foster the development of creative problem-solving techniques.

Attendees of the GeeXpo also experienced a wide range of exciting exhibits, talks, and workshops. Learners had the opportunity to network with industry experts and like-minded individuals and to explore the latest trends and advancements in technology and innovation.

The event also showcased honours research project presentations, where IT students exhibited their research posters and/or demonstrated their research artefacts. The UiPath Hackathon, sponsored by CVTS, Dimension Data, and UiPath, challenged third-year IT students to showcase their expertise in innovative robotic process automation solutions.
Event co-organiser Chuku Taole says the event was a huge success, with attendees expressing their satisfaction with the wide array of activities.

"GeeXpo 2023 served as a platform for learners and students to showcase their skills and creativity while also promoting their interest in technology and innovation. The event provided a great opportunity to promote innovation and inspire the next generation of problem-solvers," adds Chuku.

Co-organiser Luke Coetzee also shares his perspective. “After a long four-year hiatus due to the Covid-19 pandemic, we were super excited to kick off the event this year with a breath of fresh air. It was great to see the amazing projects and skills demonstrated by learners and students, and I cannot wait for a bigger and better GeeXpo next year. Stay tuned!”

As the GeeXpo team looks ahead, they are committed to fostering a spirit of innovation, engagement, and empowerment in technology, mathematics and science communities. This will set the stage for a promising future where aspiring individuals and industry experts unite under the GeeXpo banner.

Dr Japie Greeff, Chuku Taole, Luke Coetzee and the Geekulcha Student Society of the Vanderbijlpark Campus.

Learners from different schools had the opportunity to experience a wide range of exciting exhibits, talks and workshops.

GeeXpo organisers Luke Coetzee and Chuku Taole, with two teachers who accompanied some of the learners.

Representatives from Dimensions Data, UiPath and CVTS challenged third-year IT students to showcase their expertise.

Submitted on Wed, 11/15/2023 - 09:58