Colombian ambassador visits NWU to talk about the role of gender in society

There are too many misconceptions about the role that gender plays in society. This is the opinion expressed by the Honourable Ambassador Maria Del Rosario Mina Rojas of Colombia during her visit to the Potchefstroom Campus of the North-West University (NWU) on 18 August.

In an interactive session the Honourable Ambassador Mina Rojas delivered an address titled “The role that gender plays in society and the impact it has on traditional gender norms”, which elicited not only acclaim, but also interest from staff and students alike.

According to her, the role that gender plays in society is still underestimated and there are numerous misconceptions that need to be addressed about the impact gender has on traditional gender norms. She also expressed her concern about worrying trends where gender is concerned, especially the marginalisation of women, which is still prevalent in both South Africa and Colombia.

She also underlined the necessity of levelling the playing field surrounding gender norms. In this regard, she feels it is of paramount importance that as much as possible should be done to educate people – especially the youth – on the role that gender plays in society.

Not only did the event result in a host of positive discussions about this crucial subject, but it also laid the groundwork for future collaborations.

The NWU is committed to ensuring that gender equality not only forms part of the university’s ethic of care, but that graduates are equipped with the knowledge to help build a society where equality thrives. This is done through numerous initiatives, of which the recently held Gender Awareness Week is only one.

Prof Robert Balfour, deputy vice-chancellor for teaching and learning, with the Honourable Ambassador Maria Del Rosario Mina Rojas.    

Submitted on Wed, 08/23/2023 - 15:05