Martin van Eldik

van Eldik
Associate Professor
Prof. Martin van Eldik

Prof Martin van Eldik obtained a PhD in Mechanical Engineering from the North-West University in Potchefstroom. He is an associate professor in the School of Mechanical and Nuclear Engineering where his research group focus on research relevant to the thermal-fluid industry with the emphasis on energy systems. The field of application is mainly the commercial, industrial and mining sectors. This include research into the next generation of heat pumps including the use of CO2 as refrigerant for high temperature applications. Another research focus is the use of combined solar water heating and heat pumps for larger commercial and industrial applications. In terms of the mining sector, his research focus on the development and use of mobile refrigeration for underground applications, as well as other energy saving opportunities. Martin is also a Business Unit Manager with M-Tech Industrial (Pty) Ltd mainly focusing on turnkey energy efficient heat pump hot water solutions for the commercial and industrial sectors. He is also involved with the technical and R&D aspects of M-Tech's water heating heat pumps and underground mobile refrigeration cooling units.

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North-West University

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