Joshua Chukwuere

Senior Lecturer
Dr Joshua Chukwuere

Dr Joshua Chukwuere is a PhD holder in Information Systems, MCom in Computer Science and Information Systems from the North-West University. Joshua is a senior lecturer and the Head of Department of Information Systems (IS) in the School of Economic Sciences, Faculty of Economic and Management Sciences (FEMS), North-West University, South Africa. Joshua is a researcher and have published number of articles in accredited journals, conference proceedings locally and international and book chapter. His research interest includes culture-oriented technology (culturetech), e-commerce, social media, smartphone, cyber bullying, online banking, e-learning, smart city, Internet of Things (IoT), e-health, teaching and learning and many more.


He is an expert in the field of

  • Culture-oriented technology (culturetech) with the emphasis on technological content development, processes and the end-user product (new technology) that is driven by users’ cultural attributes.
  • Technology in teaching and learning research which covers the role of technology in the 21st century education system and knowledge advancement.
  • Social media research.
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018 389 2831
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