Christelle Liversage

Mrs Christelle Liversage

Christelle Liversage has extensive management and leadership experience. Her experience includes Rector of an academic institution, was employed by the UK based Institute for Leadership and Management as Africa Operations Manager and headed up the learning and development team of the British High Commission as Manager of Southern and Eastern Africa. She pursued a Master of Arts in Positive Psychology (MAPP) when the NWU offered the qualification for the first time at the Potchefstroom Campus in 2014 and acquired the qualification Cum Laude. Since 2016 she has been appointed as a lecturer at NWU in the MAPP programme and is in process of completing a PhD in Health Sciences with Positive Psychology. Her passion and research focus lies in the application of Positive Psychology towards well-being in the organisational sector and her PhD thesis is on “Concordance of goals and meaning with reference to the work and interpersonal relationships domains: Associations and interventions”. She has offered various strategic training sessions to a variety of organisations locally and internationally


Physical Address

Potchefstroom Campus, PC-G16, 2nd floor, office 256.

Telephone Number
018 2992519