Vanderbijlpark Campus welcomes new director for student life

 The North-West University’s (NWU's) Vanderbijlpark Campus recently welcomed Chris Williams as the new director for student life.

This former Capetonian says he chose the NWU because it is regarded as one of the top universities as far as student life is concerned.

"Also, the NWU is an institution with values similar to my own. There is an organisation-person fit. Looking at the NWU’s vibrant student life, one cannot help to feel the liveliness and want to join in," he adds.

Chris aims to make the Vanderbijlpark Campus a campus of choice for student life and to harmonise various offerings. He plans to engage with students by meeting regularly with student leaders and structures and keeping his ear to the ground.

One of the new initiatives he has in the works for the upcoming academic year is to use virtual reality as a method of engagement. He believes that, as we live in a technological age where students are tech-savvy, adjusting to this environment is crucial.

Chris also plans to work closely with other departments and organisations on campus to enhance the student experience. He believes that student life supports the academic enterprise, and that an engaged student performs better academically. Therefore, he plans to regularly engage with faculties, service departments, and student leadership on matters that will improve the overall student experience.

"I am a very structured person. I believe in abiding by the policies, rules and regulations of the institution and this guides me in my decision making. I have a consultative management style and stakeholder inputs are important to me," he adds.

Chris is committed to ensuring that the Student Life department remains inclusive and welcoming to all students, regardless of their backgrounds or identities. He believes that access and equity are key to achieving this goal.

"All students must have access to everything student life has to offer, and there must be equal opportunities for all students to participate in activities and programmes of their choice."

More about Chris Williams

Chris was formerly the head of department for residences at the Cape Peninsula University of Technology (CPUT) and has a proven track record of excellence. He began his career in higher education at the University of the Western Cape in 1997 and held various positions for 12 years before joining CPUT as head of residences.

In addition to his primary appointment, Chris also lectured part-time for five years within the Economics and Management Sciences faculty and the Graduate Centre for Management. Chris holds a master’s degree in industrial/organisational psychology from the University of the Western Cape. He is married and has three children: two daughters and a son. He is also the proud grandfather of two grandsons.

When he is not working, Chris enjoys boating and fishing.


Chris Williams is looking forward to his new job as director for student life at the NWU’s Vanderbijlpark Campus.

Submitted on Fri, 02/16/2024 - 14:19