TELIT-SA hosts design research expert

The North-West University’s (NWU’s) research niche area Technology Enhanced Learning and Innovative Education and Training in South Africa (TELIT-SA) recently hosted Prof Susan McKenney, an extraordinary professor from the University of Twente, Netherlands, for a design research workshop.

Design research is a cyclic process consisting of three phases: analysis/exploration, design/construction, and evaluation/reflection. This process leads to intervention and theoretical understanding, ultimately addressing real-world problems and enhancing impact. Working with real-world scenario problems requires the exploration of various possibilities, and the iterative nature of design research provides ample opportunity for this.

During the workshop, members of TELIT-SA had the privilege to interact with design research expert Prof McKenney, and to work on their own design research projects on technology-enhanced teaching and learning.

Participants brainstormed new projects and developed ideas based on design research principles. One of the projects that were conceptualised includes a community engagement research project that focuses on creating a statistical literacy short learning programme for managers. Another example deals with knowledge acquisition, retention, and transfer between different modules in a programme.

Some members also utilised the knowledge and skills they acquired to refine the design research methodology in their existing research projects. In this regard, the Faculty of Economic and Management Sciences Inc project, as well as a study on information and communication technology training for staff members of the Unit for Distance Learning, were further developed and refined.

Prof Liandi van den Berg, director of TELIT-SA, says the workshop was a success. “This long-term relationship with Prof McKenney ensures that TELIT-SA members are expanding their research knowledge and skills to explore new research opportunities. Future research development workshops will continue to develop the design research within the technology-enhanced teaching and learning space,” she adds.


These members of the Technology Enhanced Learning and Innovative Education and Training in South Africa (TELIT-SA) research niche area attended the design research workshop.

Submitted on Tue, 10/17/2023 - 12:13