Team excels at Security Summit 2024 Hackathon

The Security Summit 2024 Hackathon that took place recently at the Sandton Convention Centre in Johannesburg brought together some of the brightest minds in the cybersecurity community to collaborate on and innovate solutions addressing various security challenges.

Among the participants, the North-West University (NWU) student team showcased exceptional talent and innovative thinking, leaving a lasting impression.

The theme of the hackathon, "Generation Hacker: GenZ vs GenAI," drew software developers, cybersecurity professionals, network analysts, students and hardware developers to tackle the evolving landscape of cybersecurity. The event's emphasis on challenging developers to build resilience against emerging threats, particularly in the face of Generative Artificial Intelligence, showcased the cutting-edge nature of the competition.

The NWU team displayed their remarkable projects, demonstrating their commitment to addressing specific security challenges with innovative solutions.

One of their projects, "Who's Next," developed a system facilitating off-campus student emergency assistance. This innovative approach created a user-friendly app enabling students to trigger alerts to their house parents, ultimately improving response times during emergencies and ensuring the safety and well-being of off-campus students.

Additionally, the team's project "Digital Entity" aimed at eradicating corruption in government tender processes, stood out for its use of advanced encryption techniques and blockchain technology to ensure transparency and accountability, aiming to restore public trust in government institutions.

In recognition of their exceptional work, the "Who's Next" project was honoured with the Best Hackathon Theme Adaption Award, accompanied by a cash prize of $250. This accolade underscored the team's innovative approach and dedication to addressing real-world security challenges, further solidifying the NWU's reputation as a powerhouse in cybersecurity innovation.

The event also facilitated valuable engagements with industry experts such as Steve Jump from Geekulcha, Dr James Stanger from CompTIA, Nithen Naidoo from Snode Technologies, and Dr Sylvia Sathekge. Dr Sathekge expressed interest in participating in an upcoming Women in Tech event, highlighting the importance of diversity and inclusion in the tech industry.

Deann Dube, spokesperson for the NWU's Geekculcha Student Society, said they plan to explore potential collaborations with industry partners and organisations to further enhance student engagement and career opportunities in cybersecurity.

"The Security Summit 2024 Hackathon not only provided a platform for collaboration, learning and innovation within the cybersecurity community, but also showcased the talent and creativity of participating teams, setting a high standard for future hackathons and similar events in the cybersecurity landscape."

He added that the NWU team's outstanding performance at the 2024 Hackathon exemplified the university's commitment to fostering innovation and skills development within the cybersecurity community, setting a strong foundation for future endeavours in the field.


The NWU team behind the “Who’s Next” project in good spirits after receiving the Best Hackathon Theme Adaption Award

Submitted on Tue, 07/02/2024 - 10:33