Running for Meal-A-Day

Dr Adele Broodryk, an inspirational long-distance runner and staff member at the North-West University (NWU), finished second in the women’s division of this year’s Comrades Marathon.

Her endurance not only tested her physical limits but also managed to garner more than R150000 in pledges for the NWU’s Meal-A-Day campaign. She was again an inspiration for so many people and this year she served our NWU cause with pride and passion.

The Comrades Marathon, a renowned ultramarathon held annually, attracts thousands of participants who push themselves to their limits for over 87 km in pursuit of personal achievement.

This year was no exception, and Broodryk, an alumna of the NWU and a dedicated supporter of the NWU Meal-A-Day project, was running for the Nedbank Running Club (Green Dream Team) and seized the opportunity to make a lasting impact through her run.

According to her, her primary goal was to challenge her boundaries and complete the race, while simultaneously raising awareness and funds for the noble cause of eradicating hunger among students.

Supported by her family, friends and the vibrant spirit of the race, she pressed forward, motivated by the knowledge that her efforts would directly impact the lives of students. The pledges poured in, totalling R150 000 by the time she crossed the finish line.

The funds raised will be directed towards the NWU Meal-A-Day campaign, which aims to provide nutritious meals to students who face financial hardship and struggle to afford regular sustenance. She also assisted the NWU through her sponsors for extra funding to the students, with donations being received from Nedbank and Futurelife.

Broodryk's selfless act serves as a reminder of the power of individual determination to effect positive change and helps to focus on the pervasive issue of student hunger, prompting conversations and encouraging further contributions towards initiatives combating this pressing challenge.

Her story continues to resonate across the nation, and her efforts stand as a testament to the transformative impact of compassion, perseverance and community support.


Dr Adele Broodryk

Submitted on Mon, 10/23/2023 - 14:18