NWU partners with Mahikeng local municipality for security enhancement project

In a proactive move to bolster the safety and security of its students and staff, the North-West University (NWU) has forged a partnership with the Mahikeng local municipality to launch the "Purple Routes" initiative.

Designed to ensure safe passage from the campus to a nearby shopping mall, this project aims to address safety concerns and enhance security measures along designated routes.

The two primary routes identified for the Purple Routes project are University Drive, stretching from the main gate to Mega City, and Dr James Moroka Drive, extending from the Lost City Residence pedestrian gate to Mega City. These routes are distinguished by NWU colours and feature increased security patrols by trained officers.


Image: A schematic representation of the purple routes.

As part of the initiative, several enhancements are being implemented along the designated routes:

· Chromodeck boards are installed at entrances and footpaths to provide clear signage.

· Warp light poles adorned with purple PVC banners mark the purple route, with five poles each designated for University Drive, Dr James Moroka Drive, and Dr Albert Luthuli Road.

· Concrete bins are strategically placed throughout the routes, with NWU Facilities and Maintenance ensuring regular cleaning and maintenance.

· Two security officers from Campus Protection Services are stationed along each route from 06:00 to 18:00 to provide additional security presence.

· Gardening services contracted by the university maintain the cleanliness of the routes.

Prof Sonia Swanepoel, deputy vice-chancellor for community engagement and Mahikeng Campus operations, emphasises the university's commitment to student and staff well-being.

“As the NWU embraces an ethic of care, the university conducted a needs analysis after students indicated that they are confronted with different challenges that make them uncomfortable to use the routes situated between the campus and their off-campus residences.

“The NWU regards the prevention of crime as an institutional priority, and to address the off-campus safety of students and staff holistically, management decided on the creation of safe routes to deter offenders.

“We have now implemented the first phase of the Safety Purple Routes. Students and staff are encouraged to utilise these routes and keep them clean,” she says.

While progress is underway, there are critical issues requiring urgent attention from the municipality, including hazardous open manholes, streetlight maintenance and uneven paving.

The NWU management urges students and staff to support and cooperate with deployed personnel to ensure the success of the Safe Purple Routes initiative


Submitted on Fri, 03/15/2024 - 09:39