NWU Faculty of Humanities set to host inaugural digital humanities conference

You may be wondering what exactly digital humanities is.  In simple terms, it is the application of computing tools and methods to traditional humanities fields such as linguistics, literature, music, history and philosophy.

Over the past decades, digital humanities have evolved both as an academic field and as a community of practice, and therefore the North-West University's (NWU’s) Faculty of Humanities is pleased to host its first conference on digital humanities from 2 to 4 November. This event aims to bring together scholars from different fields of humanities to discuss digital humanities research and practice.

Digital humanities involve inter and cross-disciplinary collaboration between many scientists, bringing together the plurality of methodologies, critical and reflexive approaches, and the disruption of traditional practices of doing scientific research that is driven using novel and fast-evolving digital technologies.  

Prof Mirna Nel, the deputy dean for research and innovation in the faculty says digital humanities is especially important in an uncertain world where technology can enhance or exclude the disadvantaged.

“Human skills such as creativity, innovation, adaptability, empathy, integrity, and imagination are vital to ensuring that everyone benefits from digital transformation.”

Interested researchers and practitioners are invited to submit abstracts for both virtual and face-to-face presentations.

The conference will be preceded by a summer school, where several courses covering a wide range of topics related to digital humanities will be presented. The courses are generally accessible to people new to the field of digital humanities. A detailed description of the summer school's content will be available soon.

Seats are limited and only 200 attendees can be accommodated at the main conference venue, so book your space soon.

Click here for more details about the conference, including how to submit an abstract and how to register.

For more information regarding conference registration, please contact Marinda Malan at 25788477@g.nwu.ac.za.


Submitted on Thu, 07/21/2022 - 09:20