NWU alumnus inspires students

Ontiretse Motingwa

Joseph Senosi, North-West University (NWU) alumnus and currently a trainee script writer of Skeem Saam, was recently invited by the School of Communication to talk to second- and third-year corporate communication students on the Mahikeng Campus.

Joseph, who holds a BA in communication from the NWU, inspired the students by sharing his journey and pointing out the hardships and opportunities he experienced along the way.

Kenny Maunatlala, a lecturer in the School of Communication, says the theme of the day was “Paving your way to finding opportunities”.

Joseph said he always knew that whatever he is supposed to do in this world had to be anything in the arts, even if he did not know exactly what at first. “My love for arts began in primary school, and throughout my school years I was always involved in activities that included acting, poetry, traditional dancing and hip-hop,” he added.

While Joseph was a student in the NWU, he was a presenter at the campus radio station NWUFM and created a campus-based series show called Ngifuna wena.

“All the things I have done since my school years have contributed to who I am now and the confidence I have. Hip-hop taught me how to play with words and radio taught me how to compile a show,” he said.

Joseph talked the students through all the phases of production and script writing, advised those who aspire to be script writers, actors or directors, and recommended books to read to build their careers.

“Work on your craft, build your brand and always know something about everything,” Joseph concluded.


 NWU alumnus Joseph Senosi addresses second- and third-year corporate communication students.

Submitted on Thu, 10/06/2022 - 11:15