NWU alumnus’ book takes a critical look at church leadership

It has long been believed that faith rejects the rational, but North-West University (NWU) alumnus and former employee, Dr Tsietsi John Maloma, dispels this notion.

In his recently launched book, Church Leadership: Mega Churches as Reflection, Dr Maloma shows the importance of the blend of head and heart.

 The book is the product of five years of research for his PhD, in which he compared mega-churches in the United States (US) and South African churches. The book offers case studies from these churches and shares practical takeaways from real life. It also provides a strong rebuke and points out things that have been neglected by the church and its leaders.

Dr Maloma, who holds an MBA, MA in theology (cum laude) and PhD in theology from the NWU, is also a sought-after conference speaker, author, life coach and church leadership consultant.

“During the years of research – which was a gruelling but fulfilling process – I talked to the leaders of nine churches in South Africa and the US,” says Dr Maloma, who also has another two books under his belt.

“Explaining different church governance structures and providing case studies, I would also like the book to be a learning resource for Christian leaders and their institutions. I hope the readers will find valuable tools that will sharpen their leadership skills,” he explains.

He adds that he researched issues relating to the nature of church leadership by exploring relevant Bible passages, the lives of certain Bible characters that are presented as good but not perfect leaders, as well as relevant key theological leadership perceptions of leadership.

“I also reviewed different models of church leadership according to a study of certain Bible passages and current theological thinking about the matter,” he explains.

Pulling no punches, the former leader and founder of The Seeker's Tower Ministries in Vereeniging, who led the church for more than 20 years, says most church leaders live in the state of “being a Christian” without ever being deeply formed by Christ.

“In recent years, churches have gotten used to revelations of abuse – including the sexual and spiritual abuse, and the abuse of power. This has been mainly as a result of the emergence of independent and individually run churches without proper structures. 

“These churches have untrained ministers who assume big titles and power without proper democratic processes and accountability. This leads to all kinds of abuse and spiritual gimmicks manipulating people's faith,” he says.

He adds that this book will provide a refreshing insight into what it takes to lead a successful church that lasts beyond the founding fathers.


 Dr Tsietsi John Maloma

Submitted on Thu, 06/17/2021 - 15:41