Kohinoor Business School and NWU forge educational tie

A delegation from Kohinoor Business School in Mumbai, India, recently embarked on a week-long visit to the North-West University (NWU).

Ten delegates, including eight master's students and two professors, visited the three NWU campuses, marking a pivotal step in fostering educational and cultural exchanges.

The roots of this collaboration trace back to March 2023 when Dr Ankit Katrodia from the NWU’s Faculty of Economic and Management Sciences presented a paper at an international conference organised by the Kohinoor Business School. This initial academic interaction laid the foundation for a blossoming professional relationship.

Building on the emerging connection, five academics from the NWU faculty visited the Business School in Mumbai in August 2023. During this visit the Indian delegation was invited to experience the educational environment at the NWU.

The primary objectives of this international exchange programme include gaining insight into the education system, fostering cross-cultural understanding, and collaborating on joint academic research projects. Solidifying their commitment to collaboration, the NWU formalised the partnership in September 2023 by signing a memorandum of understanding with the Kohinoor Business School.

During the Indian delegation’s recent visit, the delegates explored the NWU and engaged in various academic and cultural activities., signifying the start of a broader academic relationship between the two institutions.

The collaboration promises to be a mutually enriching experience for both institutions, fostering a global exchange of knowledge and ideas.


The NWU’s mascot Eagi accompanies the delegation from Kohinoor Business School during their visit to the Vaal Triangle Campus.

Submitted on Thu, 11/23/2023 - 09:07