Innovative plan for NWU Career Fair

The North-West University will present a virtual career fair for the year 2020.  Employers and Students present will have the opportunity to share career related information with each other, in a more innovative way.

The virtual career fair will replace the annual traditional career fair that is presented annually on every campus. NWU is pleased that Covid19 has afforded us the opportunity to be innovative, and stretch ourselves to use technology to standardise our offerings and offer all NWU students the opportunity to reach out to all our industry stakeholders irrespective of student campus base.

The fair brings employers into contact with quality students from NWU across all campuses, to discuss career and job related opportunities. NWU Students can also use this opportunity to investigate the market in search of the right job opportunity.

The fair is planned for 5 August and everything is ready for institutions to talk to approximately 15 000 talented students across all three the NWU campuses.

Institutions can already register to participate in the expo and will receive training on using the virtual platform before 5 August.

For more information, call 018 299 2059, or send an email to, or visit the website at

Submitted by BELINDA BANTHAM on Tue, 07/14/2020 - 14:22