The Hillensberg Trust is the gift that keeps giving

For the past seven years, the Hillensberg Trust has made the dreams of several North-West University (NWU) students come true.

Celeste Rossouw, acting director for development and fundraising explains that the trust increased its grant amount by one million, which means this year the NWU can put four million to good use to assist approximately 35 students.

The trust is funding students who are studying towards a qualification in the fields of medicine, technology, arts or music. It targets students who have enrolled for a second qualification, and also missing middle students – those who can’t afford university fees but do not qualify for NSFAS funding.

According to the provisions of the trust,with guidance from the bursary office, academics and study leaders select the bursary recipients on academic merit

“The NWU is exceptionally grateful for the Hillensberg Trust funding. Without this financial support, students would not be able to continue with their studies, and there is no better feeling than seeing the joy on the faces of these students when you tell them that they have received a bursary,” says Celeste.

About the Hillensberg Trust

The Hillensberg Trust was founded by Leo Karl Dreissen and his wife, Frederika Maria Hoebert. Leo was born in Germany in 1909 and died in South Africa in 1975.

He and his wife never had any children, and they founded the Hillensberg Trust for academically deserving students.


Submitted on Wed, 02/21/2024 - 10:01