GoAllOut student chapter breaks Guinness World Record

The North-West University’s GoAllOut Organisation student chapter has achieved a historic accolade in breaking the Guinness World Record with their Pad the Way project for the longest line of sanitary pads.

After meticulous verification, Guinness World Records officially recognised the student chapter's accomplishment, with a staggering count of 51 870 sanitary pads laid out over 3,565 meters (3.5km). This remarkable feat, which was announced on 1 May 2024, underscores the transformative power of collective action and unwavering determination to address pressing social issues.

The record-breaking endeavour, which took place last year, took an exhausting 18 hours, with more than 200 dedicated volunteers contributing to its success. Each pad was painstakingly placed, with independent witnesses overseeing the process, including auditors from Maine Accountants.

The GoAllOut student chapter launched their Pad the Way initiative to raise awareness about and combat period poverty.

“In South Africa, period poverty perpetuates socioeconomic disparities, with an estimated 30% of girls missing school during their periods due to limited access to sanitary products. The initiative aimed to challenge the stigma surrounding menstruation and advocate for sustainable solutions to this pervasive issue,” says Thabang Ramabodu, NWU alumnus and GoAllOut's head of campaigns.

“Through strategic partnerships with Bidvest Steiner and other corporate donors, the GoAllOut Organisation collected more than 100 000 sanitary pads for the event. Beyond the symbolic achievement of breaking the Guinness World Record, these pads were distributed to schools, universities and charitable organisations to address the immediate needs of those affected by period poverty,” he adds.

In addition to the distribution of sanitary pads, they installed sanitary pad dispensers in prominent locations, including at the Mahikeng Mall and The Crossing shopping centres. These efforts prioritise accessibility and dignity, ensuring that menstrual hygiene products are readily available to those in need.

The initiative's impact extends beyond the record-breaking achievement, with ongoing advocacy efforts aimed at policy change. A Change.org petition, stressing the need for policies to address menstrual equity, continues to gain momentum and aims reach 500 000 signatures within 12 months.

Looking ahead, the GoAllOut Organisation remains steadfast in its commitment to fighting for menstrual equity. Plans include the expansion of the sanitary pad dispenser programme, the development of educational workshops focused on menstrual health, and the continued promotion of policy change through advocacy initiatives.

The Pad the Way world record journey serves as a testament to the transformative power of youth-led leadership and collaboration in effecting positive change.


Deputy vice-chancellor for community engagement and Mahikeng Campus operations, Prof Sonia Swanepoel, the executive mayor of the Mahikeng local municipality, Cllr Tshepiso Mphehlo, Student Campus Council chairperson Ella Mogashoa, and the director for student life, Mr Jim Molautsi, participate in the GoAllOut Organisation’s student chapter’s Guinness World Record attempt in 2023.

Submitted on Tue, 05/14/2024 - 13:50