Vera Roos

Research Professor
Prof.Vera Roos

Vera Roos has been a senior research professor in the Africa Unit for Transdisciplinary Health Research (AUTHeR) at the North-West University’s Potchefstroom Campus since 2013. Vera is a social gerontologist, trained as a clinical psychologist, and has a background in community psychology. She focuses on relational and collective well-being of older people and communities in relation to contextual realities by eliciting strengths and competencies. Vera’s theoretical approach, that the broader environment informs the continuous interactions between people, provided the background for the development of the Mmogo-method, a visual data-collection method. She has published widely in peer-reviewed national and international journals and contributed to textbooks. Vera is an NRF-rated scientist at level C1.

Physical Address

Building 16, Room 260 Corner of Hoffman and Gerrit Decker Streets, NWU Potchefstroom Campus

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