Sarina Claassens

Associate Professor
Dr. Sarina Claassens

My research focus is in soil microbiology with application to environments affected by different land-uses, including mining and agriculture. Inevitably, the study of any component of the soil ecosystem leads to a study of the broader soil environment. The research therefore includes aspects of soil biology and biochemistry and are published in journals with a multidisciplinary scope. A key perspective of my research is that the environmental issues we face today requires investigation that offers practical and applicable ways forward and thus not all research should be fundamental. In this context, the research also aims to evaluate methodological approaches and to propose modifications that will facilitate standardised application and interpretation of data. Another important outcome is the application of analytical techniques typically used as a scientific measure, in a way that is relevant and practical for non-scientific stakeholders responsible for soil management.

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School of Biological Sciences

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North-West University

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