Roelof Burger

Senior Lecturer
Dr Roelof Burger

Burger is a physical geographer with a focus on atmospheric science. His research focuses on atmospheric processes and its interaction with human activities. This includes topics like air pollution, climate change, severe weather and cloud seeding. He studies the atmosphere through different observation platforms, such as aircraft, weather radar and ground based instrumentation and ultimately aims to model processes using statistical and numerical methods. He has participated as a project scientist, project manager, co-investigator or principle investigator in more than 50 different scientific field campaigns in 12 different countries, including multiple campaigns around South Africa investigating sources and impacts of air pollution, the South African Rainfall Enhancement Project, the UAE rainfall modification project, the Libya rainfall modification project, the Mali rainfall modification project, Feasibility of rainfall modification in Saudi Arabia, Andrapradesh rainfall modification project, the Queensland cloud seeding research project and the Cloud Aerosol Interaction and Precipitation Enhancement Experiment in India. His research is co-funded by the Eskom Power Plant Engineering Institute Emissions Control. Roelof holds a PhD from the University of the Witwatersrand, Johannesburg.


Physical Address

Room G35, Building E4

11 Hoffman Street

North-West University

Potchefstroom Campus

Potchefstroom, South Africa

Telephone Number
018 299 4269