Henk Bouwman

Prof Henk Bouwman

Henk Bouwman professor in Zoology focusing on ecotoxicology applied to various biological systems: mainly earthworms, fish, humans, birds and recently crocodiles, and also works in bird ecology. He has been closely involved in the negotiations regarding the Stockholm Convention and the POPs Review Committee (POPRC). After his five-year stint on the POPRC, he was appointed for four years as the Scientific and Technical Advisory Panel member of the Global Environment Facility (GEF) for chemicals and ozone depleting substances by both GEF and UNEP CEOs. Current projects look at a complete assessment of POPs in the Orange River catchment, an assessment of impacts of DDT on human health, birds, frogs and snails in Limpopo, POPs and heavy metal pollution in marine bird eggs, sea turtle eggs and coral, marine debris and microplastics from Indian Ocean islands, child environmental health, effects of pollutants on female reproductive organs of marine snails, effects of pollutants on male freshwater snails, causes and effects of pollutants on crocodiles, dragonflies, and fish, and various bird biology and ecology investigations.

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