Dawie Branken

Senior Lecturer
Dr Dawie Branken

Dr Branken obtained his PhD in the field of membrane-based gas separation from the North-west University (South Africa) in 2013, after obtaining his MSc in the field of crystallization in 2009. During his post-graduate studies, Dr. Branken has gained knowledge in the field of general fluorine chemistry, as well as expertise in both “wet” and “dry” processing methods relating to the fluorine industry. Throughout his post graduate studies, and subsequent professional career, Dr. Branken’s research interests have been focused around applied chemistry and chemical engineering disciplines such as separation and purification technologies, molecular modelling (DFT and semi-empirical), molecular dynamics simulations, thermodynamics, statistical thermodynamics, and more recently computational fluid dynamics (CFD) modelling, reaction kinetics, electrostatics and emissions control. After completion of his PhD, Dr. Branken was appointed as lecturer in chemical Thermodynamics I and II at the School of Chemical and Minerals Engineering in May 2013, and has subsequently been promoted to senior lecturer, starting in 2015. He is currently involved in emissions control research within the Eskom-EPPEI Chair at NWU. This entails post-combustion flue gas treatment, i.e. flue gas desulfurization (wet, dry and semi-dry methods), particulate matter abatement using electrostatic precipitation and fabric filtration technologies, and CO2 capture using dry solid sorbents. Currently, Dr. Branken (co)supervises 2 PhD students, and 7 master’s students.


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