Ncobile Nkosi

Ms Ncobile Nkosi

I would describe myself as a physical geographer with a detailed understanding of atmospheric sciences and geomorphology. However, I have a deep appreciation of human geography and its impact on the physical part of geography. The title of my MSc study was “Quantifying particulate emissions from domestic burning in the KwaDela Township, Mpumalanga”. The Human geography section included having to characterise solid fuel use in a residential area. BSc Honours in geography and environmental management modules included Earth observation and remote sensing, Air pollution, Applied GIS, Introduction to environmental management, Environmental management and Honours Project. My medium-term goal is to be an Environmental science doctor. I am pursuing my Doctoral degree at the North-West University with the proposed title: Characterising dust emissions in Southern Africa. I am a young career scientist who would like to stay in Academia and hopefully get a B or A NRF rating. 

Physical Address

Mahikeng Campus, building A12, first floor, room 112

Telephone Number
018 389 2357
Cellphone Number
060 771 9765