Markus Depfenhart

Plastic and Aesthetic Surgeon, researcher
Prof Markus Depfenhart

In 2004, Markus Depfenhart completed his medical studies and received his doctorate from the JWG University in Frankfurt am Main in 2005. He later underwent further studies in other subjects and so he now also holds a LL.M. in economic law and a PhD in business and economics. Among others he developed an algorithm for legal patent circumvention.

After numerous theoretical and practical training courses, he qualified as board certified emergency physician in 2008 and worked as an emergency physician in Hamburg, but also in crisis regions such as the Balkans and Afghanistan. Since 2014, he has been a board certified specialist in plastic and aesthetic surgery. Due to numerous stays abroad, for example in Greece, South Africa and the USA, Markus Depfenhart can demonstrate international experience in various specialties and is also constantly educating himself in this country. He is a also an expert for skin and skincare realetd topics and of his major focusses is now peptide and protein design. In 2018 Markus Depfenhart has been appointed as professor for aesthetic and regenerative medicine at the Venlo University/ NL. Since 2020 he is also lecturing at the FOM University of Applied Science in Hamburg/ Germany. He also works as a consultant for the industry and has a seat on the advisory board of various national and international companies. He is currently a member of the board of Lavenir Bioscience AG (Hamburg) and the Optiphi AG (Switzerland). Markus Depfenhart holds more than 30 patents and patent applications in different fields.

Telephone Number
018 299 1111