Laura Gray

Post-doctoral Fellow
Laura Gray

I think I started to run before I could walk and have been fascinated by human movement and sports performance from a young age. I decided to satisfy my curiosity by studying sport science. After obtaining my Bachelors in Adapted Physical Activities and Health and working as a coach my intrigue for human movement science simply increased. I went on to study an Honours in Strength and Condition and Rehabilitation followed by a Masters in Human Movement Science and Research. It was at this moment that my mentor planted the research seed that would lead me to pursue an academic research career. I was awarded a Regional bursary to carry-out my PhD research focusing on the psychophysiological mechanisms at play in the relationships between fatigue, stereotypes and exercise among people living with chronic disease and more specifically HIV/AIDS. The multi-disciplinary approach of my PhD research allowed me to gain knowledge and expertise in both psychological mechanisms and methodologies as well as physiological, and more specifically neuromuscular, literature and methodologies. My research and multiple collaborations have led to the publication of over ten articles in international peer reviewed journals and a number of communications at international and national conferences including the ECSS in 2016 (Vienna). My passion for research and coaching led me to invest in teaching and I soon enjoyed sharing the learning experience in sports science. I have been teaching for over five years and was also involved in training PhD and Masters students and co-supervise Masters theses. I am a team worker and enjoy a challenge. I now have the privilege of continuing my research and academic career at the NWU collaborating with the Physical Activity, Sport and Recreation (PhASRec) research area. I am part of a range of research projects including qualitative, quantitative and experimental research.

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